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Truda Olson – Truda Olson Online

Duncan Puckle emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1884. He was eighteen years old. He spent four years learning about sheep farming before buying his own farm in Pahiatua, the North Island. An outspoken – particularly in ‘letters to the editor’ – and outgoing young man he was prominent in the political, social and sporting life of Pahiatua. He married Gertrude Moore, a friend of Henry Lawson, who had her own creative talents.

Terry Deague – Where Pademelons Play

‘If the dead only knew, they would spin in their graves.’
But what if the dead are not to be found in graves at all, but in a world beyond graves, from where they could exercise omnipotent powers to investigate the circumstances of their deaths?

Terry Deague, former nuclear physicist swaps fossil fuels for afterlife fiction.

Lea LaRuffa – be what you believe in…

I think the best adjectives to describe me would have to be Writer, Theorist, Hypothesist, Visionary, Photographer, Dreamer, and Believer.

I have learned that in life there are no true questions and no true answers. We all seek the same thing in life; but no one knows what it is they are after, they just know they are after something.

Geoffrey D Stephenson – Sobraon

Built in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1866 the sailing ship, Sobraon, served Australia for 75 years (1866-1941). For 25 years until 1891 she carried large numbers of passengers and large cargoes between England and Australia. Then as a reformatory school ship from 1891 until 1911 she was home and a training centre for thousands of disadvantaged Sydney boys. In 1912 the ship was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy and for 15 years she was a home and training establishment for thousands of boys seeking a career in the new Navy.