‘Tis the Season for Santa Photos

It is that time of the year again, the time for Santa photos… and posting those photos to Facebook. Sometimes you will see a perfect digital print and other times you will see a photo of the photo. In the latter case they have probably visited a Santa that won’t let you have a digital copy without purchasing the “Ultra-Mega-Super-Value-Pack” and the quickest way to get the photo onto Facebook is to snap it with your phone. I’d like to show you a method that takes a few more seconds and gives you a much better result.

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Over the last few years I have been playing with Network Attached Storage, NAS for short. A NAS is a bit like a portable HDD but instead of connecting it directly to your computer/device you plug it into your network.

The most basic NAS is just storage that connects to your network… beyond that the feature list is immense. Here are just a few features I have found really cool.

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My Favourite Android Apps: Llama – Location Profiles

One of my favourite Android Apps at the moment is Llama – Location Profiles. This app utilises the mobile phone towers to identify locations or “Areas”. I have tried similar profile switching programs that use locations determined via the internet or GPS but they either lack the precision or use too much battery. With one such app I could be up at the local shops and my phone thought it was still at “Home”.

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